Sunday, 25 March 2012

issue 3

one month away issue 3 inside it free 500 mulch,100 free stickers,2 free exclusive nest items and free scribes and monty masks.


Saturday, 24 March 2012

golden weevil 24/03/2012

hi  weevils

here is were the golden weevil is


tink & clott profile

If there’s something crazy going on in thebin Tink is usually behind it never a day goes without tink coming up with aharebrained scheme to earn mulch his plans almost always go wrong but when you thinkyou’re a genius you don’t get put off easily you stay on your feet and come upwith a new and equally loopy idea with his best buddy Clott by his side tink isalways happy to help other residents of the bin whether they want him or not

Clott is tinks ever loyal long sufferingbest friend these boys from the binscape are next-door neighbors
And there always together usually becauseclott has been roped into another one of tinks mad plans clott will do whateverhe can do to help out his friend  even amore sensible weevil would have walked away but that is what makes clott such auseful partner he doesn’t do a lot of thinking he’s always trying to come up with ways to impress posh mostly withdisastrous results


Friday, 23 March 2012

fab new nest items

mudd just can't wait to get her feelers on these blooming marvellous new items and bring the magic of a fairy gaden into your nest i looks epic!!!!

you can choose from bags of brilliant decorations and gadgets,including flower lamps,a weevil leafy seat or even an amzing secret tree !!

Happy decorating!


Thursday, 22 March 2012

golden binweevil 22/3/12

hi weevils

today golden weevil is at the shopping mall hope you enjoy


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

golden weevil 20/3/12

hi weevils
sorry i dide'nt give as picture but the golden binweevil is at the outside of doshs place


binweevils mag news

hi weevils
torrow binweevils magazine 2nd issue will be coming out i would get it because it Inculcates 2 nest iteams,sweets and 10,000mulch if you subcribe each issue comes with a letter enter you enter the code and you get 1 million mulch but rember masterweevil already has more

Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunday, 18 March 2012

my friend cool dean

hi weevils

this is my buddy cooldean he is my bff and has a funny perality he is awsome .

mothers day card

Stuck for a mothers day card well there is a bank one on this websight or there is some on the what's new page on binweevils

sws missions

week end puzzle challenge

hi weevils   this is the week end puzzle challenge if you can't read what it sayes this is the code bunty 65 f


hi weevils

today i inter viewed Jamesmac201 hope you enjoy

Q:where is your favourite place in the bin

A:shopping mail

Q:who is tour favourite binweevil celebrity


Q:have you ever been a tycoon  



Saturday, 17 March 2012

new author

hi weevils i am the new author to weevily guide masterweevil50 here is a little info about me



pet name-master

usually spotted at- flums riggs tycoon island

claim to fame- expereince,nest designs,binweevils masterweevil's cheat site owner

likes- binweevils,gmail,facebook apple(company),music,annoying other people

dislikes-school,lady gaga,people who annoy me

here is a picture of my mulch an level just for proof   ->    ->   ->   ->   ->    ->   ->


binweevil codes

hey weevils ther is a 50 codes here adleast hope you enjoy

TREAT6 – Nest Item
SECRET8 – Nest Item
BAFTA543 – Nest Item
BAFTA879 – Nest Item
BAFTA4BW2011 – Nest Item
FORTUNE219 – Nest Item
TOILET2849 – Nest Item
7206696115137 – Nest Item
72096115137160 – Nest Item
C6247OUTWIT – Nest Item
WW100THANKYOU – Nest Item
TOXIC711 – Nest Item
GOGIRL711 – Nest Item
BUNTY – Nest Item
GREENEYE11 – Nest Item
REDEYE10 – Nest Item
MYSTERY3 – Nest Item
IMAGINE2012BW – Nest Item –
LAB19SLUDGE5RED8 – Nest Item –
30DOSHCHAIRS – Nest Item –
325645 – Nest Item –
FAW275L9Z3P4 – Nest Item –
GIFT9 – Nest Item –
CLOTT1296 – Nest Item –
BIN4 – Nest Item –
MERRY24 – Nest Item –
FLEMMANOR2012 – Nest Item –
2012HAPPY – Nest Item
POSHCUPCAKE6 – Nest Item/10 XP
12PURPLE4 – Nest Item/20 XP –
9COCOABOWS – Nest Item/25 XP –
HALL13 – Nest Item/100 Mulch/13 XP
3ORANGE14 – Nest Item/50 Mulch –
29PINK6 – Nest Item/200 Mulch
CLOTT11106 – Nest Item/200 Mulch
DANGERALERT454 – Nest Item/200 Mulch
866SLEIGH622 – Nest Item/200 Mulch –
554OCEAN222 – Nest Item/200 Mulch –
FABWAVES7 – Nest Item/200 Mulch –
BINMAG50 – 50 Mulch -
63 – 1000 Mulch
685 – 1000 Mulch
MULCHMAG1120 – 1000 Mulch
SWSP4KJL47AF – 1000 Mulch
3RED6SCRIBBLES – 500 Mulch
SEA2012 – 500 Mulch – Credit to Pure
500SNOWFLAKE1200 – 200 Mulch/20 XP
102BONBON662 – 200 Mulch/20 XP
TYCOONISLAND6 – 200 Mulch/20 XP –
SANTA3525 – 200 Mulch/20 XP –
167HOLIDAY1 – 500 Mulch/30 XP –
LAB229MULCH3 – 200 XP
986SLD3Z7J –
343HATS121 –
1342CLEVER3412 – Nest Item/20 XP –
16STICKER1026 – Nest Item –



hey weevils 
  jim506 here this is what my weevil looks like here is a little about me level- 60 pet name- rover mulch-931,678 at the moment tycoon- no aloughi have been for seven months 


danger at dosh's place

St Patrick's day

Is your nest decked out in green yet? Add the finishing touch with this sweet St Patrick’s Day poster! Just pop over to the Mystery Code Machine in front of Lab’s Lab and enter the code to claim yours for free! code:lucky2012green

sws mission trouble at tycoon tv towers

look at this walkthough

golden binweevil

hi weevil todays golden binweevil is at tinks tree
hey weevils
this new guide will be fully of codes,walkthoughs,tipes and news