Saturday, 24 March 2012

tink & clott profile

If there’s something crazy going on in thebin Tink is usually behind it never a day goes without tink coming up with aharebrained scheme to earn mulch his plans almost always go wrong but when you thinkyou’re a genius you don’t get put off easily you stay on your feet and come upwith a new and equally loopy idea with his best buddy Clott by his side tink isalways happy to help other residents of the bin whether they want him or not

Clott is tinks ever loyal long sufferingbest friend these boys from the binscape are next-door neighbors
And there always together usually becauseclott has been roped into another one of tinks mad plans clott will do whateverhe can do to help out his friend  even amore sensible weevil would have walked away but that is what makes clott such auseful partner he doesn’t do a lot of thinking he’s always trying to come up with ways to impress posh mostly withdisastrous results


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