Sunday, 24 June 2012

new binweevils trading cards!!!!!!

Weevily wow! The new Bin Weevils trading card game, Mulch Mayhem, is in stores today!  Pick up your starter pack and game board, then start collecting!
Battle against your friends, learn cool facts about your favourite Bin Celebs, and swap with your pals to collect more than 220 cards!  Get your hands on glitter foils, Bin bios and more…and there’s a Secret Code Card in every pack so you can earn exclusive Mulch Mayhem prizes including nest items, nest posters, plants, XP,  Dosh coins and more !  SWEEEET!
Find all your favourite characters and meet some new weevily friends, too – it’s Mulch Mayhem!
Starter Kits and individual Trading Card Packets are available instore now!

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